Artificial Intelligence Studies

AR&TeCS continuously studies to improve plant growth rate and efficiency in both greenhouses and growth chambers. Achieving this goal is a difficult job, with many aspects. One of the most important factors when it comes to plant growth, is effect of the light. To make a detailed analysis on this issue, also considering the effects of other parameters such as;

-air humidity
-soil electrical conductivity
-water flow rate
-water pH
-soil humidity
-CO2 content
-O2 content

AR&TeCS carries out an in depth literature search cooperating with several other institutions, and conducts experiments in highly controlled environments.

Several articles will be published with the help of emerging information from this research. To date, AR&TeCS investigated;

– Ideal photosynthetic photon flux density
– Different light wavelengths on stimulation of growth process
– Effects of air, soil and water conditons for plant growth
– Pest and pathogen activity on plants in different conditions


With correct control mechanisms, it is possible to increase greenhouse production efficiency. But there are infinitely many factors affecting plant growth. It seems like a near-impossible task to find the precise optimal condition for humans by trial and error learning; but not for artificial intelligence.

AR&TeCS develops a complex AI with many learning layers with the aim of learning every element affecting plant growth. Integrated with an automation and control system, AR&TeCS AI would do the hard work for optimal yield for your greenhouse, without the necessity of any supervisor.

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