Process Control

With the support of KOSGEB R&D and Innovation Program, our control system project which can be custom-built according to customer requirements, was completed on 29 December 2018 for

  • Hazardous Production Tests,
  • Test Devices,
  • Laboratories,
  • Greenhouses and Farmlands,
  • Fish Farms and
  • All kinds of institutions which requires control systems.

AR&TeCS Remote Control System, which can be customized using devices and software of National Instruments, can be utilized in

  • Plasma combustion / gasification systems with dangerous gas / temperature output,
  • Power plants,
  • Tests in space conditions,
  • Test installations with risk of explosion,
  • All kinds of applications that may harm human health and require remote control.

The benefits of AR&TeCS Remote Control System:

  • Full remote control without harming human health
  • Automatic shutdown of the system for specific conditions when the system deems it necessary.
  • Record the process and ability to play the record afterward
  • Offer a quality and reliable system with qualified and calibrated hardware and software
  • Full control of the process and instant response when necessary
  • Provide necessary training and reports on system use

Sensors and other devices that can be integrated into the system:

  • Thermocouples (B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, W),
  • Resistance Thermometers (PT-50, PT-100, PT-100, Ni-100, Ni-200, Ni-500, Ni-1000),
  • Gas sensors,
  • Pressure sensors,
  • Flowmeters,
  • Switches, motors and other devices which can be controlled by relay.
  • Devices with all types of current / voltage / digital input / output


National Instruments,