The new period of crop cultivation and testing started at SusMedHouse demonstration greenhouse at AR&TeCS on March 1, 2023.

In this period, the growth rates of lettuce, bell pepper and tomato will be tested and evaluated under different conditions. In this scope to evaluate the artificial light effect in the agro-pv section of the SusMedHouse greenhouse, artificial light LEDs were designed and assembled in the Venlo greenhouse to test lettuce. The implemented system has IoT and is controlled through DSS. Also, the system has a log so that at the end of the cultivation, the amount of electricity used can be calculated and based on the price of the crop, its economic efficiency can be calculated. It should be mentioned that lettuce will be cultivated in four ways (hydroponic with artificial light, hydroponic without artificial light, conventional with artificial light and conventional without artificial light) and the growth rate will be evaluated and compared by artificial intelligence (image processing).