AR&TeCS has bought a platform that is called harvest trolley and integrated hardwares to the vehicle to act as a robot and facilitate the greenhouse tasks. A software was developed, trained and optimized. The robot has three functions such as general spraying, local spraying and photographing. To facilitate spraying, reduce human labor, prevent contact with poison and reduce pesticide consumption, local and general spraying functions were developed according to AI, especially image processing. For harvest estimation and pest and disease detection, a photographing function was developed to interact with DSS. Also, this robot has two types of user interface. One of them is integrated with DSS and the other one is an independent user interface for agro-robot. All the functions worked efficiently and AR&TeCS began the commercialization progress of agro-robot. AR&TeCS is announcing a call for all the greenhouse farmers to visit our facilities and participate in the agro-robot survey.

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